Project Name: Email Marketing Strategy
Client Type: Non-profit organization
Project Commencement Date: On-going



Develop an inbound email communication strategy to stay top-of-mind with stakeholders of the organization. With thousands of contacts in their database, the organization needed an efficient and manageable way to share its programs, sponsored events, and special announcements. 


Considering most companies operate their email marketing and communication campaigns under the “set it and forget it” mindset, my approach was to develop a communications strategy that was clear and on purpose. It targeted so that readers would find the content helpful rather than a nuisance in their inbox.  

Before getting started, I had to collect email addresses from the staff. It involved a lot of back and forth, going around the office, collecting emails formatted in WORD, Excel, or written on a Rolodex. With the back and forth conversations among staff members, names often got lost and left out of relevant communications.

Although it took some time, we ended up with a clean and email-compliant database system where appointed staff persons can add and update stakeholders’ information.


Now with a clean target list, the information was integrated its stakeholder communications in Constant Contact with monitoring and analytics tracking in its system.

We developed an email communications schedule centered around campaigns for company announcements, events, a weekly newsletter for internal members, and a monthly newsletter for sponsors—keeping stakeholders up-to-date on programs’ impact with data points, providing a digest of recent announcements and upcoming events. The end goal was to provide a variety of content to show how stakeholders can engage with the organization to support its mission.